Writ Checklist Print
Tuesday, August 11 2009
Note: A writ application requires an original + 3 copies.

See Local Rule 1 for current filing fees.
Bound as provided in Rule 4-5.

(Bluebacks are NOT required)


   Notice of intent filed within 30 days of ruling Rule 4-2
  Request for return date within 30 days of ruling Rule 4-3
  Signed return date order attached
  Request for stay directed to trial court (if stay sought).

Rule 4-4

(If emergency or expedited treatment or stay)


  Affidavit verifying service; service must be in similar manner to opposing counsel and respondent judge, including addresses and telephone numbers.
  Affidavit verifying allegations of petition and service Rule 4-5
  Index (C)(1)
  Jurisdictional statement (C)(2)
  Statement of the case; including status of the case (C)(3)
  Issues and questions (C)(4)
  Assignments or specifications of error, memorandum and prayer for relief (c)(5)
  Copy of judgment, order or ruling (C)(6)
  Copy of judge’s reasons for judgment (C)(7)
  Copy of pleadings on which ruling was founded; including petition(s) in civil cases and indictment or bill of information in criminal cases (C)(8)
  Copy of opposition and any attachments filed in the trial court or a statement that no opposing written document was filed(C)(9)
  Pertinent court minutes (C)(10)
  Notice of intent and return date (C)(11)
  Request for expedited consideration-separate page required (C)(12)
  File supplement with update on trial or hearing date (D)


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