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Friday, November 03 2017
Fall's Helpful Hints

I am confused. What is EClerk's Counter? ECase? ENotify?

EClerk's Counter is the online location for all of the general services you would use if you walked up to the "counter" at the courthouse – file documents, make payments or purchases, request the record, request copies, etc.

ECase is the First Circuit's subscription service that permits access to online case records and filings. It is available to attorneys who register for the service and purchase a subscription. A subscription is purchased in EClerk's Counter.

ENotify is the electronic notification (or issuing) service offered by the court. By enrolling, you get quick, easy email notifications (attached PDFs) of all court issuances without the wait of the mail or hassle of paper.

Houston, we have a problem efiling a document.
We have helped several people with their problems and here are a few we have encountered:
• It could be the name you have chosen for the document is too long.
• It could be the name you have chosen has punctuation causing the problem
• It could be the document has not been converted to a pdf document, but only has pdf in the name.
• It could be that the document if from Worldox – our system is incompatible with Worldox.
• It could be the scanned document was scanned with landscape orientation
• It could be that you have given the same name to the same documents on the same upload

Oh-ohh, I forgot my password.
For EClerk - just click on "Forgot my password" to reset your password. If you enter the incorrect password too many times the system will lock you out for several hours. (It is also important to note, the lock out security function is based upon the IP address not just your computer.)

For ECase – call the clerk's office @ 382-3000. For security reasons, this password is only reset by the clerk's office.
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