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Wednesday, June 21 2017

ECase Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECase?

The Court of Appeal, First Circuit, subscription service permits access to online case records and filings. It is available to attorneys who register for the service and pay the appropriate fees. The pricing for the ECase is set forth on the First Circuit’s website through EClerk’s Counter (1 week = $25, 6 months = $450, 1 year = $600). 

What can I see on ECase?

Only publicly accessible documents are available on ECase. Pursuant to law, certain cases are confidential, or portions of the documents in certain cases may contain confidential information. Only an attorney of record in a confidential case or case that contains confidential information, who is registered for the subscription service, is entitled to view the confidential case or information. All other subscribers will not have such access. If you have access to a confidential case and you should not have such, please contact the Clerk’s Office immediately.

I do not see a document I believe is filed in the case, why?

There is always a possibility that a recently filed document may not yet be in the public electronic case file. There is an inevitable lag time between when a document is filed with the Clerk’sOfficeand when the document is imaged, processed, and made available for public viewing in the public electronic case file.

Why do I not see the case exhibits?

The case exhibits are not electronically scanned and are not part of ECase. Case exhibits may be viewed at the courthouse only.

Why do I not see older cases from prior years?

The court maintains the same documents in electronic format as it does in hard copy format. After appropriate time delays have elapsed, appeal records and filings are returned to the trial court. At that time, the electronic version of these documents is deleted. The court’s opinions, however, remain available on the court’s website at


Writ applications and writ filings are maintained at the First Circuit for 5 years after disposition. Currently, only filings from 2014-present have been properly reviewed for confidential requirements and are available on ECase.

What happens if I forget to renew my subscription by the renewal date?

You will have to purchase a new subscription and pay the associated fees.

Can I change my password?

The passwords are generated by our computer system. If you have any problems with your password, you should contact the Clerk’s Office at (225) 382-3000.  

When is the scheduled maintenance on ECase?

Good question. We have scheduled routine computer maintenance on ECase for Sundays at 12:01 a.m. During this maintenance ECase may not be available.

Last Updated on Tuesday, July 18 2017