ECase Subscription Service - June 1, 2017 Print
Monday, May 22 2017
The Louisiana Court of Appeal, First Circuit, is pleased to announce the start of its case documents online subscription service, ECase.  ECase will allow attorneys to easily and to conveniently view and track their appellate filings.  ECase may save you the time of a trip to the courthouse; may give you the peace of mind of seeing that file stamp; and may give you the timely access to the appellate filings needed to complete your brief.  ECase provides attorneys with an electronic view of appellate records, writ applications, motions, briefs, correspondence, and court orders.

ECase is available in the First Circuit online service store and is available for various subscription periods at various costs to help you better incorporate this service with the appellate needs of your practice. Available for 1 week ($25), 6 months ($450), or 1 year ($600).

To get access to the appellate filings available in ECase, please go to and start your subscription to ECase.

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