Wednesday, June 11 2014
Local Rule 8 EFiling - Implementation Monday, June 16, 2014; Amended June 17, 2015.

EFiling Training Video - Watch me if you are new to EFiling

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Chief Judge Vanessa G. Whipple and the Judges of the Louisiana Court of Appeal, First Circuit, announced the institution of voluntary electronic filing beginning on Monday, June 16, 2014. EFiling is available as one of the services offered through EClerk's Counter, located on the left side menu of the First Circuit's website.

The process to EFile at the First Circuit will be simple and streamlined:
• Register with EClerk's Counter
• Select EFiling from the EClerk's Counter services menu
• Select a document type with an applicable filing fee or a document with no filing fee
• Upload the document in PDF format (NO MORE THAN 250 PAGES per document uploaded)
• Checkout ($5.00 copying charge on ALL EFilings, regardless of whether a filing fee is applicable or not)

EFiled documents must be submitted in accordance with Local Rule 8, as amended June 17, 2015. Local Rule 8 provides that the uploaded documents must be in PDF format with an electronic signature. In addition, for EFiled documents, a "declaration" is allowed to substitute for an affidavit when an affidavit would otherwise be required under the Uniform Rules of the Courts of Appeal. In all other respects, the content and format of an electronically filed documents will have to comply with the Uniform Rules. All EFiled documents uploaded are limited to 250 pages per upload.

The Clerk's Office can be reached at (225) 382-3000 to answer any questions or concerns about the EFiling service.
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