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Friday, June 02 2017

Simple Summer Helpful Hints

Does the Court provide forms?
but we have several handy and easy to use checklists.

For Writs:

For Briefs:

How do I cite a trial court exhibit?

The Court of Appeal receives the originals of the trial court exhibits. The trial court exhibits are lodged with the Court of Appeal in the same manner as they were introduced at the trial court.  Therefore, if the exhibit was introduced as P1 at the trial court, it remains P1 at the appellate court.  Additionally, the exhibits are not renumbered (or Bates stamped).  Therefore if you reference Page 25 of P1, the page and exhibit number remain the same, Exhibit P1, page 25.

I purchased a CD, are the trial court exhibits on it?

No, the Court of Appeal receives the originals of the trial court exhibits and they are not scanned.



·        does not need leave to file.

·        each copy should have a cover letter directing the court to file as a supplement.

·        may be submitted at any time prior to rendering a final action on the writ application. 

What is the easiest way to find out information on my case or to see the filings in my case?

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